Last week we travelled to Los Angeles for the annual SIGGRAPH Conference. We launched the new Gold Plated Brass with much excitement but by far the most attention was given to the Community Wall – a 10x10ft wall of panels designed by our community…

Beekey before the show… 

…and our booth most of the time! Packed with people! 

The star attraction being the community wall – people could touch all the materials…

…and read about them too! 

We featured many community designs…

…and credited them all on the wall! 

This steel panel by Virtox dominated the metals table, and the brass drew a lot of oohs and ahhs.

We had a great time meeting many new people, and chatting to community members. Thank you to all the designers who made a panel for the wall! It was such a hit we want to expand it for our next event, which will be MakerFaire New York in September so stay tuned for details on how to get your work featured!

See you soon!

-Natalia and the SIGGRAPH team 

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