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Designer for Hire: Design for 3D Printing Expert, Vijay Paul aka Dot San


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I model NZ railway at scale 1:120 on N guage track.
A couple of years ago I wanted models made that didnt exist.I had heard about 3Dprinting but knew nothing about it.After surfing the net(for hours!)I found a designer.I emailed Vijay with what I thought was an oddball request,not knowing if he would be interested in such a project.Well he was.
Now considering I live on the opposite side of the world all our commuication is via email,with questions and answers,plans,drawings etc firing back and forth.When we started I wasnt very computer savvy so found it hard trying to put the ideas in my head into emails for a total stranger to workout.But Vijay has a knack of reading between the lines and asking the right questions.....and very patient!!Nothing seems to be a problem for this fella.
About 18mnths ago I was lucky enough to actually meet Vijay.That was great to put a face to all the emails and have a beer and chat about future projects.
We are still working together,Thanks Vijay.

#1 stuart mcmurray on 2013-05-16 07:47 (Reply)
Thanks Stu, it's been a pleasure working with you, not only developing the projects but also getting to know little bits of your day job and the weather down under.
#1.1 Vijay Paul (Homepage) on 2013-05-20 13:58 (Reply)

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