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Entries from August 2013

Friday Finds: Pencil these 3D Prints in

Take a Tour of the Shapeways 3D Printing Factory in Eindhoven (VIDEO)

Pendant Design Contest: Show Off 3D Printing Precious Metals

The Travels of a 3D Printed Wedding Ring

Designer Spotlight: Han-Yin Hsu

Shapeways Research Survey

Amazing Opportunity for Artists, Designers & Coders in NYC

Marc Ecko's 3D Printed Label for Beck's

VIDEO: Custom 3D Printed Drone Landing Gear in Flight

NYC Student Meetup

Summer White (Strong and Flexible) Sale

Designer Spotlight: Hiroaki Nishimura

Call for Products: Be Showcased in our next 3D Mystery Metal Material Launch

Friday Finds: Summer White Sale

Shapeways 3D Printing Helps to Bring Gazepoint Eye Tracking to Market

The Shapeways Blog: 3D Printing News & Innovation

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