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Entries from May 2013

Want to Talk 3D Printing in Manhattan Today, NYDesigns & Pratt Hosted Events

Autodesk Saves Tinkercad from Extinction

Gravity Defying 3D Printing Robot (Almost) Makes Objects Appear in Thin Air

Friday Finds: Release Your Inner Child

Weekend Contest #12: Create Your Own Lego-compatible Add-on

A Quick Peek At Our New 3D Printing Material as We Get Closer to Launch

DesignX in NYC: 4 Days of Workshops & Discussions on Digital Design & Fabrication

Premium Sterling Silver 3D Printing Stays on Shapeways

Designer for Hire: Experienced 3D Designer and Visualizer Metin Seven aka sevensheaven

The Beautiful Math of 3D Printed Mobiles

Meet the Shapeways Community in Singapore on May 21

Ask Your 3D Printing Questions on Fridays at 5 with Shapeways Engineers

Shapeways Roadtrip across America with Savannah

Designer for Hire: Design for 3D Printing Expert, Vijay Paul aka Dot San

Designer Spotlight: David Yale

The Shapeways Blog: 3D Printing News & Innovation

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