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Entries from January 2013

Awesome 3D color prints from Nervous System

Let Your Lover Eat Your 3D Printed Chocolate Head this Valentine's Day

Designer Spotlight: Seedling Design

3D Printed Memories of a Mountain

Designer Spotlight: Bo Lorentz

Curious Cat Mug for Extra Catfeine

The Romance and Meaning of the Unique Gift

Copyright 101: What do you want to know?

Controller Pendant Designed by stop4stuff: A Father and Son 3D Printed Project

7 Foot Long 3D Printed Necklace Made From 185 Interconnected Octahedrons

Designer Spotlight: Remi van Oers

Friday Finds: The Welcome to 2013 Edition

3D Printed Atlas comes to life

3D Printing Simplicity: The Headphone Cable Clip

The Shapeways Blog: 3D Printing News & Innovation

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