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Entries from December 2012

An Interview with Joshua Harker on Shapeways 3D Printing, Kickstarter and the 3rd Industrial Revolution

3D Printed Zombie Santa Claus

Shop Owner Holiday Tips Series: #9: Pay to Play

2012 in Numbers: The Shapeways Community & Rise of 3D Printing for All

Holiday Shipping Frenzy at Shapeways!

Shapeways meetup at 3DEA Pop Up Shop tonight

Holiday Gift from Shapeways and Tinkercad!

Tag Tuesday: The Animal Edition

A Look at Shapeways 3D Printed Colors

Incredible Flapping 3D Printed Weirdness Takes to the Sky (VIDEO)

Chopper: Partitioning Large Models into Smaller 3D Printable Parts

Designer Spotlight: Isaie Bloch

You @Mention, We Feature: 3D Printed Friday Finds

What 3D Printed Material Would YOU Like to See Next on Shapeways?

@Mention Designs to Friday Finds

The Shapeways Blog: 3D Printing News & Innovation

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