The Shapeways Blog: 3D Printing News & Innovation

Entries from September 2012

How to Customize an iPhone Case in TinkerCad to 3D Print (Video)

First 3D Printed iPhone 5 on Shapeways

Teenage Engineering Make CAD Files Available to 3D Print Replacement Parts

Large Scale Mobile 3D Printer to Print Architecture

3D Printed Sculptures Made by the Movement of a Swimming Fish

3D Printing Food in the Future, Pffft, 3D Printed Cutlery is Now

3D Printing for Your Toilet

3D Print Contest for iPhone 5 Accessories

Bald Eagle Gets a 3D Printed Facelift (VIDEO)

The Engaging Brand Podcast Looks at Emerging Technology and Emerging Markets

3D Printing the Stairway to Heaven and/or Star Wars Theme (VIDEO)

Beautiful Stills from the Latest Shapeways Video

Video: Shapeways 3D Printing & the Culture of Creativity

The Shapeways Blog: 3D Printing News & Innovation

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