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Entries from August 2012

You Can Now Import 3D STL Files into Tinkercad : Let The 3D Modifications and Mash-Ups Begin

Elegant Origami Vase 3D Printed in Ceramics

Decoded Fashion Startup Showcase: Fashion and 3D Printing (VIDEO)

Clip-it - The 3D Printed iPhone Travel Dock (Euro Edition)

Inspired By The Masterpieces of Art : Bracelet Boutique

Flying Drones Deliver 3D Printed Human Clones to Burning Man Participants

3D Printed Silver Pendant Now Flying to Burning Man

3D Printed Soldering Attachment for a BIC Lighter : MacGyver Meets Geek

3D Printed Strvct Shoes by Continuum Fashion Now Available

EngineerVsDesigner Vs Duann : The Interview Podcast

Shapeways & Bloomberg BusinessWeek: Disrupting 3D Printing

Photos from Shapeways at SIGGRAPH 2012, So Far

Discounted Ceramics 3D Printing at Shapeways: At Least 20% Off Through August 14!

The Sound of a 3D Printed Replica Vinyl Record, that does not quite work... (VIDEO)

3D Modeler for Hire vs 3D Modeler Needed : Design for 3D Print When You Can't Design for 3D Print

The Shapeways Blog: 3D Printing News & Innovation

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