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Entries from July 2012

Acoustabowl: From Idea to Reality

POP : Portable Power Supply Fully Funded with 38 Days to Go..

How a Handy iPhone Charger Wrap Came to Life Across Continents with 3D Printing

Talk Shapeways 3D Printing at Solidworks User Group NYC TONIGHT!!

Introducing the New Shapeways 3D Printing Material Selector

New Styling Makes it Easier to Contact a Designer on Shapeways

The Shape of What's to Come: Our New Look & Feel

3D Printing Discussed on 'This Week in Law'

Last Hours for 3D Printing Black Elasto Plastic at Shapeways

Friday Finds in the Wild on VIDEO!

Fablab 3D Printing Summer School: Amsterdam: August 6-10

Video Showing Capillary Effects of 3D Printed Structures : An Intro To Material Potential

Hermit Crab Lives in Shapeways 3D Printed Guggenheim Shell, Finally

Friday Fun with Meme Generator - Shapeways Style

Video Article on 3D Printing at Maker Faire by Steve Tung

The Shapeways Blog: 3D Printing News & Innovation

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