The worlds smallest puzzle?

Rich Gain of Microcubology has made the worlds smallest puzzle(as far as I know). You can check it out here in his Shop. The puzzle is $9.95 and is 3.5 by 5.5 by 0.9cm and looks very challenging. Rich has made a video where you can see him playing with his puzzle below. You can solve it in two ways by building a cube or by building an “inside out cube” that is hollow on the inside. Pretty nifty, ya think?  


    1. Joris

      Darn, but I did put in the question mark to qualify the title a bit.

      Wow, the micro 3 piecew burr, wow!

  1. Richard Gain

    Thanks Brett.

    I do know about Allan’s incredible pieces but I’m not sure how easy it is to buy them. That’s why I always qualify my meager efforts with “smallest commercially available puzzle” and still add the question mark!


    1. Anonymous

      I think you can still get them from him by mail, but certainly not as easily. And not as inexpensively, either! I love that I can get a whole set of your mini puzzles for a quite reasonable price.
      Also, many of his puzzles are too small to work with bare fingers, whereas yours are sized so they can be done without special tools.
      I also enjoyed your tutorial on making printable puzzles with burrtools, I hope to give that a try myself at some point.

    2. Brett Kuehner

      That last comment was from me, not sure why my name wasn’t filled in.

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