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Entries from November 2009

The Hypolux Chandelier

My favorite logo in the whole world: Optiker Zwicker

Wine & glasses customization

Interview with Qi Pan about his Webcam 3D scanner proForma

Customizable 3D printed BrandingIron

A new designer is shaping Shapeways

Anticide 3D printed Antweight Robot wins 3 world series events

Delivery times Stainless Steel reduced to 14 working days

12 beautiful things made with 3D printing on Shapeways

Coolest thing about Stockholm? Emergency Karaoke

Interview with Paul Sandip of Differential Design

Christmas Bell printed on an EOS 3D printer

Blank Label Dress Shirt Customization

New Stainless Steel Braille Co-Creator keychain and cufflinks

Cornucopia, a 3D printer for food

The Shapeways Blog: 3D Printing News & Innovation

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