1. Stony Smith


    0.01 microns in combined copper and sandstone (printed circuits)

    3x smoother FCS with higher resolution imaging

  2. Edward Traxler

    I would be happy with a WSFUD .. White Strong and Flexible Ultra Detail :) .. what controls the resolution for WSF? Is it the particulate size of the nylon powder – or the width of the laser beam?

  3. Jared C. Rogers

    I second a wax based material! As long as it was affordable. ($

    1. Glenn

      I second the higher definition stainless steel that one of your competitor’s uses – but without their ridiculous prices! Not only is more definition possible it also corrodes much less.

  4. GWMT

    Stony Smith has the right idea.

    I’d love to see FUD in a larger build volume than currently available or a material with the detail quality of FUD but a larger build volume; FD is too rough for the larger things I’d like to do.

  5. BurtsnowHD

    You should add a material called: black strong, flexible polished
    I want to buy the Nanolet for my ipod but people who buy it in regular black strong and flexible complain its very rough.
    Therefore it would be nice to have a smooter alternative for models such as the product previously listed.

    1. Duann

      We are working on that right now…

  6. Anonymous

    A Shapeways storefront in New York for folks to buy popular pre printed designs. I’m visiting New York and I was in the Makerbot store today (Sunday). It was full of people. They were buying models, and getting themselves 3d scanned.

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