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Shop Owner Holiday Tips Series: #4 Personalization & Shapeways Co-Creators


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This would be sooo much easier if we could define this somehow on the 3D file (either before or after uploading it).

Then there would be no delay with having to process the file again manually and re-upload for printing.

There would obviously be set limitations, and strict definitions for the changes (such as for images only and text only, or both...).
I can see this being extremely useful for the designer side as well, if you're, say, printing a set of mugs for a client, you can then change the 'embossed' logo for a different client also interested in the same item.

I would find this seriously useful for the serialisation of prints, by having a similar process set for the designer where serial numbers or QR codes could be automatically generated per print.

I know we've passed September but there are still some chestnuts about...


#1 Luis. on 2012-11-16 12:32 (Reply)
Thanks for sharing, Luis! Really helpful feedback.

In addition to your normal client work, would an improved co-creator platform inspire you to work with other types of customers? What kinds of templates have you thought about?
#1.1 Carine on 2012-11-17 17:24 (Reply)

Thanks for the response.

What I mentioned was what I would expect the Co-Creator platform to offer as optional alternatives to the current system: What I believe it should evolve into.

Without a clear outline on what you mean by 'would an improved co-creator platform inspire you to work with other types of customers' I cannot comment.

The current templates I use are to make custom branded items (logo currently printed on steel and pressed manually) so there are two prints involved: The item and the logo, both of which have to be shipped to me where I process them manually. Not ideal considering what could be done with the technology available.

Aside from client batches, the personalisation option would also extend the meaning of 3D printing to truly encompass its uniqueness.


#2 Luis. on 2012-11-19 11:00 (Reply)

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