Meet Success Kid a Sculpture Based off the Popular Meme

Ryan Kittleson has added to our growing collection of 3D Printed memes with Success Kid. This little guy blew up the interwebs and is best known for not liking sandcastles, now he’s been 3D Printed in full color sandstone.  


  1. Shapeways Blog

    We have seen the popularity of the 3D Printed Success Kid meme as it has made it’s angry way across the internets but did you ever wonder how it was actually 3D modeled? Did he search the world for the child and scan it with Autdoesk’s 123D Catch

  2. Laney Griner

    This is so super cool!! One of the best Success Kid things I’ve seen yet! (I’m the mom of “success kid”, and the person who took that famous photo of him:))

    1. hello

      yes she is, Laney griner, but i’am not sure, someone can use that name in here…

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