Mayor Bloomberg to Cut the Ribbon on our 3D Printing Factory in NYC

We’ve opened up NYC distribution, installed a few 3D Printers, and have been growing our team like mad. So it is with great excitement that we mark the beginning of our Factory of the Future in Long Island City and cut the ribbon on our new space with a little help from our friends…including Mayor Bloomberg, Kenneth Adams, President & CEO of the EDC as well as the rest of the Shapeways’ gang.

Catch all the action live here:

More to come…..


  1. Marcel Barzilay

    I am very proud of all of you! Keep on rocking!

  2. Simon Cousins

    Congratulations, and welcome to the nabe! Illuminant’s NYC design and marketing centre is also based in awesome LIC (22nd St to be exact). Very proud to have Shapeways as a neighbour.

  3. Simon

    I doubt the Mayor’s happy when he’s introduced some of the most restrictive gun laws and thi technology promises to usurp those laws.

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