Intricate Sugar Skull Ring 3D Printed in Sterling Silver

As we introduce more 3D printing materials suitable for jewelry we are seeing the Shapeways marketplace evolve to include more amazing designs such as this Sugarskull Ring  by lougon.

3D Print Silver Skull RIng

Showing the intricate detail possible in our Sterling Silver 3D printing, Lougon post processed his 3D print by oxidizing to blacken the Silver, then polishing to return the raised sections to high polish, giving a rich contrast.

You can try this process yourself using egg yolks to blacken your Silver 3D prints to give the same affect.


  1. Lisa

    Wow! So you guys are now promoting work that directly rips off another artist (Tomas Wittelsbach)? A very well known artist at that. A very well known artist who’s very well known work is OH…well LOOK AT THAT!…..A sugar skull ring!! And my oh my…it is a sugar skull ring that is…..wait for it………3D printed. …..and Tomas has made this ring and has publicly posted about and sold this ring for ages…meaning 2007! ….Oh…..that’s right… already knew that. Being in the business you are in, how on earth could you not?

    Well done you. Now go hang your heads in shame and yank this sad copy/ripoff of Tom’s work down from your site. Really? WTF? A public apology wouldn’t be amiss.

  2. Ellen

    Shame shame on you. Stealing someone else’s work is illegal. I certainly hope I read soon that you have been sued into oblivion.

  3. Terry Thayer

    This is a blatant knockoff even of the name sugar skull, of a Tomas Wittelsbach design. Someone who has rights to this design, you shouldn’t post plagarism, notcool.

  4. Natalia

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for pointing that out. Everyone that uploads a design to Shapeways ticks a box that says “This is my own original work” so we take that at face value.

    While we want to enable people to 3D print whatever they can imagine, this does unfortunately occasionally includes things that already exist and may be covered by copyright. We ask that our community respects the rights of other designers and only upload their own original work or work that is freely available through a Creative Commons license. While we do what we can to ensure the content on Shapeways is appropriate, we cannot realistically review every model uploaded for a possible copyright infringement. We are also unable to determine whether the user has obtained a license for copyrighted content.

    Seeing this beautiful design, Duann chose to promote it on our blog. Your comments led us to do a bit of digging it does indeed appear to be a copy of Tomas Wittelsbach design. It seems the designer has removed his posting from our site.

    We will update this blog post later today as well, just wanted to publicly acknowledge our mistake here first.

    Shapeways Community Manager

    edit: Since Duann’s reply below, I wanted to edit my post. Thanks guys!

  5. Duann

    Hi All,
    I am glad you all have a passionate interest in artists retaining and protecting IP, but before making accusations it is important to be sure the at item is violating copyright, and to take the proper measures under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. (DMCA).

    Under the terms of the DMCA, the holder of the copyright must contact us directly to inform us a model violates their IP, at which point we will take the model down and notify the uploader of the model. If the uploader states it is an original work, we will make the model public, and it is up to the two parties to get involved.

    Now the legal process is out of the way, let’s look at the design, while it is similar to a pre-existing work (that I had not seen before), it is not the same, the pattern on the chin, forehead and back are all different. Now if we do a quick google search of ‘sugar skull ring’ we get many results that are very similar, and/or have very similar motif’s and properties.

    If we are to search Sugar Skull 3D Print we get a load more designs in a similar style, including Joshua Harker’s skull, and many variants of that and the rings.

    Now, was T.S Whittelsbach’s the first ever filagree/sugar skull ring? I think there is a long tradition of this kind of design in Mexican culture, even Disney is selling one…

    Is it the first ever 3D printed ‘Sugar Skull Ring’? Maybe, but that does not preclude others from using the same technology to explore an existing cultural theme.

    I am glad you are all quick to defend a fellow artist, and I enjoy this conversation and hope it helps us to explore and better understand how to deal with IP, there is plenty of precedence, both good and bad in the digital world that we are now experiencing in the physical thanks to 3D printing. Let’s learn from that to make sites like Shapeways and the Zbrush forums a safe place to share and/or sell original works.


  6. lou

    I made this ring and i understand some the of the comments made against it. It does look similar, but not a ripoff, If you search the web I’m sure you will find exact copies of Tomas’s ring. All the design elements in my accused ring are different as well as the skull shape. And the term Sugar Skull is used to describe an ornate decorated skull that derives from Mexican culture which includes flowers accompanied with other ornate elements. With that said Tomas did contact me and told me to change the shape of the forehead design, which i will do.. it does look similar and it stands out in comparison to Tomas’s iconic design motif and for that I apologize..


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