Friday Finds: 3D Printed Designs From the Shapeways Community

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Happy Friday Shapies! For this week’s Friday Finds, we have a selection of beautiful (and fun!) 3D printed rings.

Tuxedo Ring by Escape the Mezzanine, how handsome are these rings?! We’re hoping that they’ll be followed by a wedding dress series. :)

Groove Ring by OwlPosse, be sure to check out their post on the entire design process. It provides a really great tutorial! 

Doll House Ring by CactusBones, inspired by pre colonial doll houses. 

And though it doesn’t quite fit into this week’s ring theme: we want to give more love to our anteater friend, designed by Spaho Design. He’s the latest pet edition to the office and even has Sad Keanu laughing.

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  1. Hamsterdam101

    Hi Elisa,

    Thanks for the feature. I will do my best on the wedding dress front ;-)

    It’s flattering to have my work put alongside the others. I especially like OwlPosse’s groove ring, it’s very elegant.

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