Decoded Fashion Startup Showcase: Fashion and 3D Printing (VIDEO)

Decoded Fashion hosted an event focussing on 3D Printing fashion. From fashion-forward dresses and shoes to masculine jewelry, they got together to discuss the latest innovation in 3D printing. At Space 530, the heart of NYC’s fashion district, 5 presenters spoke to an intimate audience about this prime example of the FashionTech intersection.

The Presenters

: Carine talks how our community of members (you) “make stuff” from jewelry to glasses to handbags.

: These four New Yorkers use “robots” (Shapeways) to 3-D print menswear accessories such as cufflinks.

Continuum Fashion
: Part fashion label, part design label (200%awesome), Continuum Fashion uses digital technologies to create user-generated fashion collections.

: Imagine a high-end stiletto specially created to fit the biomechanics of your foot. 

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