Friday Finds: 3D Printed Designs from the Shapeways Community

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A little bird showed us some brilliant 3D prints from the Shapeways community…

For this week’s Friday Finds, we’ve selected some of the gems you have shared on Twitter. Help us discover your designs by
sharing them in the wild! (You can use the “tweet” button directly from any page.)

SOS – Eyewear by Colors of Birch. Watch out Kayne, these may be Shutter Shades 2.0.

3D Printed Glasses with Shapeways

All-in-one iPhone 4 Case by AmznFX, with a credit card holder, ID holder, bottle opener (sold separately) and other superpowers…this is the “master of all money clips!”

3D Printed All in 1 iPhone Case

Labirynth Lamp by & CO. Illuminate your path however windy the road.

3D Printed Labyrinth Lamp on Shapeways

3D Fractal “Woven Flower” by unellenu. A snowflake for all seasons.

3D Fractal on Shapeways

Happy Friday everyone! And remember, we’ll be at SIGGRAPH next week. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, come say hi!


  1. Harry

    Hii can i know What printers were used to make these things. They are absolutely brilliant!!

    1. Carine

      Thanks! These are all Strong & Flexible plastic and are made on EOS machines. From more info how it’s made and the design rules, please check out the material portfolio:

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