Bathsheba Grossman Sculpture 3D Printed 6 Feet Tall

We all know Bathsheba Grossman’s 3D Printed sculptures are massive in the world of math art but now they are just, massive… Thanks to the D-Shape 3D Printer and a valiant attempt on Indiegogo , Bathsheba’s Rygo sculpture has been 3D Printed 6 foot tall and has now made it’s way to Vancouver (only Canadian Shapeways users can imagine the UPS duties on THIS delivery).

The Rygo is now billed as the largest 3D Print in North America and is scheduled to be installed at VanDusen Botanical Gardens in Vancouver.

Well done JF Brandon… 


  1. GWMT

    “..only Canadian Shapeways users can imagine the UPS duties on THIS delivery”

    LOL! I’m glad they didn’t drive the forklift over it in Calgary. You have no idea how much fun(NOT) shipping large items (or full truckloads) by courier can be.

    Now where’d I put the ulcer meds….

  2. Alex Ecehverria

    It looks like it could have been done using an old CNC machine with a worn bit, a cheap DIY project. I am astonished how much money can be spent on “art”. My personal though and with all respect.

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