What Does One Million 3D Printed Products Really Look Like?

Shapeways mentioned a while back that we have 3D Printed over one million products which prompted Shapeways community member and designer par excellence Marcus Ritland aka Denali 3D Design to break out Sketchup and visualize exactly what one million of his Kagome Bracelet might look like in a recent blog post.


  1. Claudio Malagrino

    Wow, Natalia had a lot of work with all these packs. Congratulations!

    1. Marcus


      I was surprised too, but in real life, they probably would have packaging to protect them during shipment, and would take up way more space. I packed them in pretty tight in the illustration.

  2. stonysmith

    Funny story… a customer asked me how many items I could put in one batch, and in the same email, asked what was the largest item that I could print at once.

    I showed him this model: http://shpws.me/3XYE

    If you take that and extend it… you can print just under HALF A MILLION of these trashcans as a single batch.

    But.. the batch will cost you $29,000

    Plus $6.25 shipping.

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