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Xcapee's LED conference gifts


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The tea lights gifts were inspired by the light poems! The light poems just weren't within the conference budget. I also found that ALLUPPERCASEJOINEDTOGETHERWITHOUTGAPS just didn't seem right for what I was looking for. Raising the letters off a base cylinder allowed the text to flow the way I wanted it to. I also had to lower the dots on the letter 'i's to join the stems on the top ring of text.

I bought a dozen off ebay, shipped from Hong Kong for < AU$2.00 each including shipping. I have now started to see them in discount stores for the same price or less. I would imagine they could be found for around US$1 each. The entire gift with hanging lantern (see photo in model page) will cost around AU$45.

I will probably adjust the inner diameter and print quite a few of these.
#1 Xcapee on 2008-11-26 20:37 (Reply)
oops - no option to edit blog comments...

You probably guessed that "I bought a dozen off ebay" refers to the LED Tea Lights.
#1.1 Xcapee on 2008-11-27 08:08 (Reply)

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