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Awwwww! Best dad in all the world.
#1 Anonymous on 2012-06-01 14:03 (Reply)
I have been working with my own 4 year old bundle of fun and creating a plasticine workflow - its a kind of alchemy
#2 Adam (Homepage) on 2012-06-01 16:34 (Reply)
What a fabulous dad you are. If every child could have a father like you it would be a much better world I think.
#3 Amber Ravenscroft on 2012-06-01 18:25 (Reply)
For me kindergarten used to be fun with those long plastic covered tables and mom complaining about our clothes being full of clay when we got home :-)
A Shapeway's kindergarten I imagine as a large room full of computers with sophisticated 3D modeling input devices (like those stress reliever toys but with pressure sensors) and holographic displays of their work.
The beginning of a new era!

At the end of the day the kids go - not to the small animal farm but - to the printing farm to pick up their pieces of art.

All my pieces of art (the colored pebbles, the well known ashtray, napkin rings and much more) are now all gone. Either lost during the move to our new house, fallen of the table and broken or just 'misplaced' - something which will never happen again to the next generation of young artists.

Can I please be a kid again? Please ... please ... Can I, can I ???

None of my new art will ever be lost again and if it is ... I'll just ask shapeways to print new ones and ship them to my parents so they'll never forget that they pushed me away from becoming a gifted artists into one of those dull office jobs ;-)
#4 Rob Jansen on 2012-06-03 06:41 (Reply)
Yeah I feel the same way, and have such a great sense of accomplishment when I'm able to fix something that pretty much anyone else would have just thrown out. Like my dad always said "a penny saved is a penny earned", aint that the truth!
#5 john (Homepage) on 2012-06-04 11:30 (Reply)

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