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Shapeways member interview: Rob & Incara Mack


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Hello Rob,
So you are DaddyMack. I really enjoyed your interview and very impressed with Incara's enthusiasm and creativity. I wish her all the best with applying to a specialized art and design high school. She has a good start.

In your comment to my piece in 'interesting links' your wrote: 'Interesting indeed... Got any links?' I added one further down the page to link to our haptic (virtual touch) sketch/modelling project, AnarkikAngels, which is using the crowd sourcing concept to fund and feed development. I would appreciate yours and Incara's feedback on the video of the Cre8 software (we are building on Cre8 and the new one is called 'cloud9') particularly about its apeal for people who are not digital 3D modelling literate. This is important to us developing software for this area and now Cloud9 has export created objects to .slt file format for 3D printing. Today I uploaded 4 test pieces to Shapeways. 3 have been successful, the 4th has a 'manifold' error so we will check this out and pin point the problem as it might be in our coding and needs tweaking. One at least will be 3D printed.

I love your bowls on your page.
#1 Ann Marie Shillito (Homepage) on 2009-01-30 16:19 (Reply)

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