How Big Can You 3D Print Your Stuff?

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On the materials page of Shapeways you can find information about the different materials, their price, print dimensions and you can even compare them with the comparison sheet. But, if you are designing, it might be useful to have a quick overview of the maximum print dimensions (in cm) when you want to select a material for your object. This infographic gives you that information, quick and clearly.

Let us know, how do you select your material.

The infographic was produced by Guido Hermans who is currently pursuing a PhD in industrial design focusing on mass customization through additive manufacturing in the Design Research Group at Umea Institute of Design in north Sweden. Please welcome Guido who will be a regular contributor to the Shapeways blog, bringing his relevant research and impecable style.


  1. stonysmith

    Please add this infographic to the main Materials page…

  2. Shapeways Blog

    Hi Shapies! My name is Guido. I’m excited to have the opportunity to be a contributor to the Shapeways blog and closely follow what the community is up to and what thrilling designs you all come up with. I will be posting on academic re

  3. Matt Spencer

    I am sure many designers will find this infographic very useful when doing their work or discussing with their clients about the possible designs, given the recent popularity of 3D printing.

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