Want Your Own High Resolution 3D Printer?

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The much anticipated high resolution DIY 3D printer being developed by Junior Veloso is now in pre-order via indiegogo with backing starting at $59 for an e-mail PDF with some clues on how somebody could make their own (not actual instructions) up to $3,999 for the full kit, software and 1kg of resin. They are currently at just under $30,000 worth of backing and they are seeking $300,000 over the next 60 days.

Not the cheapest DIY 3D printer on the market but definitely the highest resolution available so far.  At the same time the Maxifab 3D Printing Framework is already running successful campaign on KickStarter with over $5000 raised their printer kits start at $650 and the fully assembled 3D printer is going for $1300.


  1. Chris

    As of 4:22 PST, Indiegogo link goes to a shapeways white flexible YouTube video.

  2. Sabina Cao

    The detail on those are amazing. It’s still hard for me to believe the technology going into these 3d printers. And they are becoming so affordable too.

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