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Klaus Stadlmann's TEDx Talk: The world’s smallest 3D printer


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"Awesomeness" !

What these 2 students did was to automate a fairly simple process developed by Professor Nicholas Fang at the Nano-CEMMS center at the University of Illinois.

Using liquid-like monomer (see the short videos on the link below) and a pico DLP projector to project slices of a model one after another manually on top the liquid while lowering the base-platform by a fraction of a mm into the liquid - thus creating layer after layer until the model is finished.

These guys used a pico DLP projector and an arduino with a mini stepper motor to automate the process. Great job!

The liquid cost around $200 a litter and at least in my country requires a permit from the health officials to research with it.. (manufactured by Sigma-Ulrich and they are VERY strict about it)

Taking the development further by testing different "user-friendly" chemicals will pave the way to commercialize it, otherwise it will be for a specific market which isn't us.. designers/modelers... home users.

Still waiting for parts-order i made to take a shot at this ;-)
#1 Dizingof (Homepage) on 2011-12-15 10:24 (Reply)

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