Design your own Pendant Lamp are about to launch The Igloo configurator, a web-based platform that enables design
professionals to reach a global audience of engaged consumers. With 3D printing? I hear you gasp in anticipation, it looks like with a few case studies on their site that hint at the potential including a pendant lamp, bowl and shoe configurator (his and hers).

Increasing the awesomeness by a factor of infinity, Igloo have shared their process of how they formulated the 3D front end via HTML + Google spreadsheet + processing sketch + back end model all of which is made available with a GPL license.

The igloo project was initiated at the Product Architecture Lab at Stevens Institute of Technology.


Ben Howes – Developer, Designer
David Pysh – Project Director, Developer, Designer
John Nastasi – Program Director
Matthew Naugle – Developer, Designer
Mike Cosentino – Designer
Nicholas Faust – Developer, Designer

& Nick Mykulak – Designer 

Keep an eye on their site and blog to see how the project develops. 

If you have an application or configurator you are working on take a look at the Shapeways API to see how you can easily  output to 3D print.

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